Nitro Summer League at PLA

Thursdays 7/14-8/11 5 week League with games at 8pm and 9:20pm

The purpose of this league is to prepare high level midget, junior, college and professional players for their upcoming training camps and seasons by having 5 weeks of up tempo and competitive games.  Players will be selected and invited to attend.  The Academy at PLA reserves the right to accept or deny any and all players from participating. 

This 5 week mini league will feature a round robin format with a cross over semi-final and final round.  Games will be two 30 minute running time periods with a 5 minute warmup.  Face offs will only be held at center ice after goals.  Any penalties will result in a immediate penalty shot.  All saves which result in whistles will require the attacking team to retreat to the top of the circles.  There will be 1 on ice official making any and all decisions.  This is a no checking league and any fighting will result in game and league ejection.
The goal is to have 4 teams with a minimum or 10 skaters and a maximum of 15.  There will be 2 goalies maximum per team.  Each team will have a designated captain selected by PLA to handle any team and player changes and manage the bench during games.  Subs will only be allowed if authorized by PLA.  All subs will be required to register online prior to participating. 

$75 per skater for 5 week season (no partial payments or prorating)
$50 per goalie for 5 week season
All players pay in full prior to start.

Find Information and Registration link HERE