Novice Draft League starts Wednesday 8/23/23




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OT & Special Rules:


If game ends in a tie, a 5 minute, Sudden Death, 4 on 4, Over Time period will be played.  There will be a 30 second intermission between end of regulation and OT period.  If still tied after OT period, a 3 player/3 round shoot out will be played immediately following.  If still tied after 3 rounds, a sudden death shoot out will take place with each team alternating shots until a winner is decided.  Every player on bench must shoot before rotation starts over.  Home team chooses to shoot first or second.


The team captain is responsible for accurate attendance during the check-in process.  All players must be registered through prior to the start of the game.  Any player found attempting to circumvent the check-in process via lying, avoiding check-in or any other means will be asked to leave.  Repeat offenders will not be allowed back.  

Sub Policy:

Players must play a minimum of 5 games to be eligible for playoffs.  Usage of an "illegal" or "ineligible" sub may result in forfeiture or disqualification of the particular game that sub played in.

Fighting Penalty Rules:

1st Offense: 1 Game

2nd Offense: 3 Games

3rd Offense: League Explusion

Minor Penalty Rule:

For each game:

3 minor penalties will result in automatic dismissal from game.

If you have questions:

585-325-2216 or email